Interview with Sandeep Sulhan

Hometown: Houston, Texas

How did you get started creating music?

Started off as a dhol player in 1999, had an amazing journey and performed with artists and stage shows around the world. 10 Years later I become a DJ, which led me into Music Production in 2015.

How would you describe your music to new viewers?

Mostly Bollywood, but I am slowly about to mix a blend of Hip Hop and EDM in to the mix. Positive, mostly upbeat, sending out good vibes, and a signature touch of the roots where my family is from.

Who are your creative influences?

Manj Musik (RDB), my parents (without their support I’m nothing)

How do you go about making new music?

Making music was something I felt like I could never do, but with the push of my influencers making me believe I could. I worked hard and used the mindset of “I can do this” and now I have 3 original songs, 5 official mashups, and 400+ remixes under my belt.

What was your favorite project to work on?

I loved all my projects, but would definitely say my first original track “Peg Peg Peg” with Manj Musik & Emiway Bantai is my favorite.

What was your favorite collaboration and dream collaboration?

Favorite Collaboration: Emiway Bantai & my mentor Manj Musik. My Dream collaboration would be with DJ Snake.

How do you get through writer’s block when you’re not feeling creative?

It’s tough and very easy to forget what’s most important in our lives. Always remember to never forget to do the things you love. Take time out, make a list of what you love to do and keep doing that everyday. It’s a good distraction and it’ll keep you motivated in which people will think it’s not.

Have you faced adversity in your industry?

A little yes, there will always be people who will try to bring you down, say things behind you, but remember when they say things behind you that means you’re leading and they’re following. It’s also been tough being from the U.S. and wanting to do projects with artists from India, but with todays technology anything is possible.

What does your movement represent?

Positivity everyday, a good mindset.

What are your aspirations?

Keep making good music, keep performing all over the world and making people smile, and hopefully collaborate with many more major artists.

What are your upcoming plans?

Working on an original song with a Bollywood artist, which will be a big release. New strategies on taking the brand to the next level.

Is there anything else you would like to contribute?

Thank you to all the supporters, keep streaming/sharing/download my tracks, and watch out for more projects coming up very very soon.

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